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Circle G Ranch


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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

The best part of each day at the Circle G Ranch will be when your children knock and the door to a relationship with God will open. They will step into the Bible story and step closer in their relationship with God. Each story is designed to invite your children right into the Bible story to become part of each adventure.  More details about daily lessons listed below.

With great snacks like these, one ring of the dinner bell will have the kids running for the Chuck Wagon!

The Circle G Chuck Wagon

Day 1 – “I Remember Crackers”
The children will use symbols reminding them of God.
Day 2 – “Prayer Pretzels”
The children are reminded they can talk to God at anytime.
Day 3 – “Praise Cups”
The children will remember the way the woman showed her love to Jesus.
Day 4 – “Thank You Smiles”
The children will learn that thank you’s and smiles go together.
Day 5 – “Circle G Cakes”
The children will know that God’s love is forever as they decorate their Circle G snack.






The Craft Corral

Day 1 - Remember God
Mezuzah - Children learn how Moses told the people to remember God.  Children will make and/or decorate a mezuzah to place on a door frame.
Day 2 - Talk to God
Prayer Round Up Can - As children hear how Hannah prayed for a baby, they make a prayer can for their own written prayers.
Day 3 - Love Each Other
"Wanted" Doorknob Hanger - "Wanted" doorknob hanger will remind children of the "love one another" Bible verse for the day.
Day 4 - Give Thanks
Tin Thank You Quilt - Children thank God for something special on their quilt square as they are reminded of the leper who thanked Jesus for healing.  (Felt may be used instead of tin.)
Day 5 - Believe in Jesus
Ask-Seek-Knock Keychain - Handmade keychains with ASK-SEEK-KNOCK charms will remind the children to always believe in Jesus.  (Keychain may be used as a zipper pull for younger children's backpacks, coats, etc.)

Some clipart to inspire your room decorations, VBS flyers, etc.











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