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Every year at VBS time I spend hours looking for crafts that go with lessons for popular themes.  After jokingly commenting, "I should just start my own website and put everything on it to save others the hassle of looking" ... I kept thinking, "Well?  Why not?"  So here it is!  God bless, have fun and share, Share, SHARE!  And rest assured that I'll always do my best to keep everything on this website 100% FREE!

Our church usually uses a theme from the recent past.  This year we're using "Power Up!".  The crafts listed were picked based more on the Bible lesson for the day than the overall theme for the week.


Hands on Crafts (As seen on ILife TV)

More Themes Coming Soon!

The themes listed above are only a few of the ones available.  As I find more, and as more themes become available in the future, I'll be happy to list them.

Send your craft ideas, suggestions, complaints, comments, etc. to

Disclaimer - It is not my intention to infringe on anyone's copyright, etc. Should you find something I've done wrong, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to edit whatever needs editing.