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Hero Quest


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Our church hasn't used Hero Quest yet, so if yours has and you have any comments or suggestions, send them along to

Hero Quest is a great VBS theme!  Each day is based on a different Biblical "hero".  As always, crafts are made from inexpensive and / or recycled items.

At Hero Quest, children will learn to:
  • Meet biblical heros of Faith
  • Experience the power of Faith in God
  • Come to know Jesus as the ultimate hero
  • Discover the Faith hero inside him or her
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    Crafts for Every Hero


    Ages 3-4

    Lion Door Hanger - Pre-cut circles from foam. Staple 2 each of sheet of construction paper in colors orange, yellow, & brown. Trace child’s hand on construction paper.  Cut out layers and glue handprints to door hanger with fingers sticking out so it looks like a mane. Add the foam circle on top of the handprints, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner mouth, and Bible verse "collar".

    Ages 5-6, 7-8

    Message Center - Pre-spray 8" x 10" wood boards with chalkboard paint and attach molding to bottom (to hold chalk). Have children glue clothespin to top. Children will paint wood lion shapes and glue to clothes pin.  (I recommend Elmer's Wood Glue, or Tite Bond Wood Glue.)  With a silver Sharpie marker, write Bible verse around edge of message board. On lion, write “God loves me - No lion!”

    Ages 9-10

    String Art Lion - Draw lion face on 8" sq. wood board. Pre-nail small nails around face in 2 - 3 zig-zaggy layers. Children will weave variegated string, wrapping around nails to create the mane.


    Ages 3-4

    Queen Magnets - Children decorate pre-cut foam magnets with glitter & gems.  (If you have access to a school or scrapbooker with a die-cut machine that has a Queen shape, preparing for this project is very easy.  Stick-on earrings from the Dollar Tree work perfect for gems.)

    All Other Ages

    Queen Chia Pets - Fill end of a ladies' nylon stocking with 1 tsp. grass seed, then 2 cups saw dust. Twist rubber band around end so that you have a somewhat tight ball of nylon filled with the seeds & sawdust. Decorate with foam shapes (for ears, crown, mouth, and whatnot), large wiggle eyes, etc. (The "knot" end tied with a rubber band will be the bottom of the chia pet.) Place in clear 1/4 lb. container (from the deli section of your local grocery store) and when glue is dry, spray top with water with a spray bottle daily until you see "hair".


    Ages 3-4, 5-6

    Shield Banner - Pre-cut burlap into shield shape and finish edges (using brightly colored yarn or embroidery thread -- this is a perfect activity to be done in the weeks before VBS by older teens or others who wish to help with VBS but can't attend).  Cut two 4" x 4" pieces of burlap.  Sew up one side making a tube.  Turn inside out and fold in half.  Sew to top of the shield so that it creates two tabs for the dowel rod to slip through. Have children decorate the shield with felt and fabric shapes. Add dowel rod and string hanger.

    Ages 7-8, 9-10

    Prayer Book - Cut corrugated cardboard into shield shapes (2 per child).  Cut paper from the same shape to fit the center of the book (8-10 pages per child). Children decorate one piece of cardboard (front of book) with markers, crayons, glitter, foam shapes, or whatever else is available.  Then, children use a large metal darning needle to "sew" their book together.  (To make the sewing easier, put a front, back, and paper together ahead of time and "pre-drill" holes using a hammer and nail.  Then, put the "book kit" in a Ziploc bag so that all the holes line up in that particular "kit".)


    Ages 3 - 4

    Coin Wind Chimes - Pre-drill holes in metal juice lids and tie to pre-painted paint stick. Children glue metallic (gold, silver, copper) tissue paper to lids.  Children then glue Bible verse to the paint stick.  Tie a piece of yarn or twine to either end for a hanger.

    All Other Ages

    Tithe Box - Children decorate metal Altoids mints boxes (pre-painted white) with tissue paper and afterwards, glue Bible verse to the top of the box.  Children can also glue plastic coins around the edge of the top of the box.  (Oriental Trading company has fairly inexpensive plastic "He Lives!" coins at Easter.)


    All Ages

    Tote Bags - Pre-write Bible Verse on canvas bag. For safety reasons, place each child’s name on the inside of the bag.  Trace cross shape on bag with pencil.  Place a piece of posterboard (shiny side towards the glue) inside the bag to prevent gluing the bag together.  Children glue small fabric squares inside cross shape.  All projects go inside bag for Sunday.  (Trouble finding tote bags?  Try having any ladies in your church who sew create them from canvas purchased by the yard.  Low / no budget?  An old pair of blue jeans will make 3 - 4 bags.  Cut a 10" section from the legs and sew the smaller open end closed.  Add a denim handle.  The frayed edge will look like chenille.)

    Disclaimer - It is not my intention to infringe on anyone's copyright, etc. Should you find something I've done wrong, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to edit whatever needs editing.