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Things are really hopping on the home front, so new orders are on hold.  Should you have a special request send it along anyway and if I can't fill it, I'll be happy to pass your information along to someone else who may be able to help.

My computer crashed in Oct 2004, and I was offline for the most part until Feb 2005.  If you sent an email that went unanswered, it was not intentional.  Hope everyone's happy & healthy!

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Photos crashed with the old computer and I didn't back-up copies on disk or cd or anything.  New photos (hopefully!) coming soon.  There will be two pictures of the blocks I did for the annual Wal-mart contest up on the site as soon as I can find a few free minutes to put them on there.  Thanks in advance for your patience.
25-July-04 - Gingerbread Cottage Candle Company in Ranson, WV now selling Mountainside Quilt products.  Coasters (sold in sets of 4), scented mug mats, table runners, quilted accessory holders, etc.  Stop in and take a look!  While you're there don't forget to check out the candles (they now have 75 scents!).

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My husband's family is filled with firefighters.  Therefore, all fire / police / military are required to take an extra 10% off the price of their quilts and receive free UPS shipping all year long.

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