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Mountainside Quilts

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QUESTION: How did you get into quilting?
ANSWER: I have been quilting since the spring of 1995. I was working in a craft store and happened to be working the same night the store was having a quilt class.  That night, I went home with an armload of fabric and stayed up all night making a small quilt.  After that, I quilted here and there but eventually everything got put aside when we moved into our house and had two children within two years.  I did not become serious about my quilting until the fall of 2002 when I decided to make each of my parents' eight grandchildren a quilt for Christmas. Created from 8" squares, backed with fleece, and tied off with yarn, the kids really enjoyed them. The following year, I made photo quilts projects for various family members. And the more I experimented, the more I fell in love with the art of quilting. And so Mountainside Quilts was born.

QUESTION: What is the objective of Mountainside Quilts?
ANSWER: It is my objective to provide quality quilted products and reliable quilting services for my valuable customers. I hope you will enjoy visiting my web site and viewing my products as much as I enjoy providing them for you.

QUESTION: Why Is It Called "Mountainside Quilts"?
ANSWER: I grew up on the side of a mountain near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Despite my teenage promises to find a way off the mountain, no matter how far away you go the mountain has a way of bringing people home. There is nothing like sitting on the banks of the Shenanadoah River watching the most perfect sunset, or sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee in the morning and watching deer shortcut through my back yard. When time came to choose a company name, I wanted something that would reflect who I am, and where I am from. "Mountainside Quilts" seemed rather fitting.

The Shenandoah River

QUESTION: What products/services does Mountainside Quilts offer?
ANSWER: Keep checking the products page for ready-made gifts and accessories for the home.  These items can be shipped out within 2 business days of receipt of payment.  I also take special orders which are individually priced.  Because I create these items from the ground up, they can take up to 4 - 6 weeks to ship, depending on my current schedule and the complexity of the item.  See my PRICES page for more information.

QUESTION: What types of payment do you accept?
ANSWER: I accept PayPal (, U.S. Money Orders, or cashier's checks.

QUESTION: How can I send my payment to you?
ANSWER: PayPal transactions can be done through the website ( and sent to  U.S. Postal money orders and cashier's checks can be sent to:
Becky Muth
Attn: Quilts
Rt 2 Box 1012
1046 Shenandoah River Drive
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

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